Project: Pots

Constructing moulds for ornamental pots

The following images illustrate the step-by-step processes involved in making moulds for ornamental pots.
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01) Cross section of moulding

02) Cones ready for rolling

03) Rolled cones

04) First two cones welded

05) Third section added

06) Top end joined ready for forming

07) Formed sections flanged

08) Neck section added

09) Tool lid and flange

10) Side view of tool lid

11) View of base section

12) Lid section split and flanged

13) Welding inner flanges

14) Showing all flange lines

15) Lid once polished

16) Base once polished

17) Flanged lid half

18) Lid inner core polished

19) Base clamped and frame added

20) Lid polished both halfs

21) Lid and inner core

22) Lid and inner core

23) Painted and ready to be used

24) Painted and ready to be used

Pots once moulded

Pots once moulded