Making a Steel Tool

How we construct a fundamental steel mould

Making a Steel Tool

All our moulds are TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welded from the outside. The weld penetration is then removed from the inside face and all ‘pits’ are filled before the polishing process.

The moulding process of heating and cooling has a fatiguing affect upon the steel. We use TIG welding because it produces a very strong weld that will stand up to the moulding process for many years.

We use 2mm mild steel to make our tools but 3mm can be used on certain tools if required. Once the tool has had all pits removed it will be polished (satin finish is standard). We use various machines to perform this action.

  • We make our own mould clamps (straight handled or fishtail).
  • All tools have frame works fitted (unless not required).
  • The tool is checked for quality and tolerance before dispatching to the customer.
  • We oil the tool surface to protect it during transit. The tool will be palleted and wrapped.

Every mould ‘tool’ leaves our factory ready to use.